Thursday, July 15, 2010

let the sun illuminate the words you can't find

Dear blog,

I started off this summer taking a philosophy class. It wasn't bad at all instead it was surprisingly interesting. I never really knew what students learned in a philosophy class and I never really wanted to understand. It just seemed too complex, and I was afraid to take it. But, silly me it wasn't that difficult. I'm hoping for an A in the class, at least an A-.

I'm a working girl now. whooptidoo. I don't know why I was so eager to get a job, it's not even that much of a big deal. The only enjoyable factor about having a job is getting that paycheck at the end of the week, well every two weeks. Ten dollars an hour is not bad at all considering this is my first career aside from being a student all my life. I think sometimes whether its worth it to be degraded by a bunch of snobby little co-workers who think they're better than everybody else because it reads "head cashier" or "assistant, co- manager" on their bright yellow tags rather than just "sales associate." I'm not sure if I actually like the retail life, I mean the work load isn't even that difficult--folding clothes, helping customers, running around to make every little thing perfect-- that I can handle, it's just the people who I work with. They make it an unpleasing work place.

I miss my boyfriend. He's in the Philippines at the moment spending some quality time with his parents and younger brother. I'm glad because he hardly visits home since he doesn't live with them anymore. But lately he's been trying :) only ten days left and he's back in my arms again<3