Saturday, April 11, 2009

aerobics class

Dear blog,

My cousin Phillipe came by a few minutes ago. I normally call him 'Kuya' Phillipe and not just by his name. In a Filipino household it is custom to call someone who is older than you, apart from parents and grandparents, by a certain name. 'Kuya' for an older male relative and 'Ate' for an older female relative. It might seem degrading, but we do it as a sign of respect. Anyway, my Kuya Phillipe brought some beef and chicken patties over. Cocoa bread on beef patty is quiet the combination. After eating, we just hung out in the living room, rested on the sofa and started catching up on a few things. My younger brother then began bothering my cousin by kicking and sitting on him. Kuya Phillipe retaliated by tickling him.

My younger brother is nine years old. His name is Daniel. I wouldn't say he's fat like he's obese, but he is pretty heavy for his age. Because of his annoyance and the fact that he's "fat," a conversation of starting a new nontraditional aerobics class for fat children somehow came up. It was pretty hilarious actually. My Kuya said, just jokingly, that maybe he should start a new aerobics class for heavy kids and for their workout he will threaten them with tickling. He would chase them the entire session and tickle them when he catches them. Imagine that, fat kids locked in one room running for their lives just so they wouldn't get tickled. Fat kids between the ages of 7-9 screaming and crying for their mothers. Pretty funny to me. Now, this plan wouldn't work of course if the kids weren't ticklish. So he thought maybe instead of tickling them, let them get chased by one or two rabid dogs. He would put retainers or something to cover the dogs' mouths so they won't bite the children and just chase after them. Regardless, the children will still be afraid and run from them. This is kind of ridiculous, but it's amusing to the mind.


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