Monday, April 27, 2009

too much

Dear blog,

A lot has been going on in my mind. Well actually, a lot goes around in there all the time. It still surprises me how well contained I still am even with all of those things in there. I try so much not to let them overwhelm me. I just think to myself, get it done so you won't have anything to worry about. And, that is exactly what I do. Sometimes there are certain things that get in the way and mess up my flow. That's when I've hit my turning point and all hell breaks loose.

Sometimes I feel like I'm such a bitch. Deep deep down, I know I am. It takes over me at times and I can't hold it down because it's been buried alive for so long that it needs to escape once in while to get a little bit of air. I try to suffocate it as long as possible. But, certain people likes to unconsciously dig its grave and pull it out so they can see for themselves. Why can't these people understand that what's buried is buried for a reason, so why not keep it that way?

Yesterday was family day and I couldn't have been happier. I was finally able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside with the fam bam. The usual Sunday routine is to go to church then drive somewhere to either eat or hang out. Green Acres Mall was the distinct location. Not really a suitable place for such a nice weather, but I didn't complain. As long as I was with the people I loved and missed most this past week I was as overjoyed as a baby playing peekaboo. My mom bought me a new wallet and perfume. I've been wanting the DKNY green apple scent for so long and I finally got it! I love my mommy. We haven't been arguing lately and I'm glad :)

I'm suppose to be writing a poem for my creative writing class tomorrow, but I can't seem to start it. I'm not a poet. I really suck at writing poetry. I love Shakespeare's work though. He has his ways with words♥ Anyway, I should stop procrastinating and get to writing that poem. I came home early today just so I can give myself a head start, but obviously that didn't happen. EPIC FAIL.


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  1. i was trying to post a comment on felle's but it wasnt working. but im glad its working for yours. its guna be a while till i get use to this whole thing.

    but i agree..i think we're such nice people because personally we know how much of a bitch we really can be..and when that happens its bad. soo we try to keep that side of us out of the public eye.

    I feel you. buggin. hehe.