Tuesday, April 28, 2009

no words

Dear blog,

Today was quiet an interesting day. It kind of started off bad due to this man on the train who gave out a rather strong stench that was definitely not soothing for the nose. The subway car, cooled down by a fresh cold air conditioner, was perfectly fine until this man entered the car and completely destroyed everything. I was there sitting, patiently waiting for the subway to reach the 6th avenue stop and this man walks right inside the car carrying with him the disgusting scent of cigarettes. I knew I wasn't the only one bothered with the smell because the lady's nose right in front of me wrinkled in disgust from the stench that just slapped her and the rest of the people's faces who surrounded him as soon as he entered. Now, I sat there continuously trying to concentrate myself with other scents so that the stench of the man wouldn't bother me. But, the odor was just so strong that nothing could've overpowered it. The fact that there was ventilation in the car wasn't helping at all, it just made it worse. I had nothing else to do but to take the awful stench, and if I couldn't I breathe through my mouth.

I believe it reached 90 degrees today, if not nearly 90. It was really hot. It didn't feel like spring at all, rather summer. The humidity was just too much for me to handle. All I wanted to do was stay indoors where it was cool and pleasant. Of course that didn't entirely happen. But hey, a girl can dream right. Anyway, my "lovely" friend Nico here took me to a journey trying to find this Thia restaurant that was supposedly a train stop away from Hunter College. Now the next stop going uptown after 68th street is 77th. Nico said that this Thia place called Spice was on 83rd street. So under the blazing sun we walked from 77th to 83rd. When we reached 83rd and didn't see it, he goes and checks his handy dandy iPhone for it's location. The iPhone pinpointed that it was located on 73rd street. With sweat accumulating on every inch of my body, we decided to walk from 83rd all the way to 73rd. Guess what we found when we got there? NOTHING! So much for a "handy dandy" iPhone. We finally gave up and ended up walking to and getting McDonalds on 70th street. After, we walked back to Hunter on 68th. He made me walk all of that under the cruel sun just so he can satisfy his hunger with an Angus burger, fries, coke, and sweet ice tea. Thanks Nico, THANKS!

Apart from all the rubbishness that occurred during the day, I ironically had a beautiful evening. Ron, Lorelie, Florann and I spontaneously walked the Brooklyn Bridge. We arrived at our destination at around 10 o' clock. The angry sun finally decided to rest and allowed the crescent moon to cool down the city. The weather was perfect; the soft cool breeze, the 70ish temperature, and the light humidity mixed so well into the night. The ancient wooden bridge was brilliant with it's structure and the way it showed off it's bright fluorescent lights made it so much livelier into the good night. The skyline of the lit city was perfect in view from where we stood. The essence of the breathless air made our minds wonder at the mind blowing view shown in front of us. Pictures definitely had to be taken, for this was a night we wouldn't dare forget. Just when the ladies in this journey thought the night couldn't have gotten any better, Ron surprised us with another location underneath the bridge. There lay a beach like area where we could see the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge from afar and the Manhattan bridge up close. Boy was it a perfect night to go site seeing. Everything was so relaxing. Just what I needed.

Some low phone quality pictures of the night. Not as good as Ron's pictures, but pretty lights nonetheless.

One of Ron's own♥